2020 has been a challenging year so far – across our city, our province, the country, and the planet. As we look towards a recovery from the pandemic that has gripped the planet, I am even more grateful as Artiffex celebrates 5 years this month. 

In the Fall of 2015, we founded Artiffex to help the accounting world add much needed operational efficiency to the workflow associated with investment accounting. After thousands of emails, hundreds of flights (many with my co-founder @Jason Ades), and what seems like millions of demos, today accountants across North America in both large and small firms utilize our patented technology every day, and it makes their lives easier.  

I am not an accountant. I am someone who has spent most of his career commercializing category disrupting technologies, and it was clear to me that the accounting world was late to the party. Thanks to Artiffex and many other software companies building and marketing cloud accounting technology, the long wait is over. Efficiencies continue to weave their way into every segment of the accounting profession.  

We have much to be optimistic about as we look towards the future. Accounting firms across Canada rely on Artiffex, and, as of last week, a top 25 US accounting firm joined the Artiffex family. In the same week, we also received a message that is becoming increasingly familiar – “we are currently doing our broker write-ups manually as our investment tracking system…..I know that similar accounting firms have switched to Artiffex.” Yes, they have. We also received many applications for our Investment Accounting Specialist job opening which we recently filled with someone who has been an Artiffex user for more than a year. Amazing.

And now, the most important part – saying thanks. Thank you to the entire Ndex team for supporting the birth of our spinoff. Thank you to the team around me that helped get us here. To all the accounting professionals that put their trust in us early on, as we morphed (sometimes clumsily) from “Ndex – Digitization Services” to “Artiffex – Automating Investment Accounting” – THANK YOU. It is because of you that we continue to do what we do and look forward to making it even better, together. Finally – merci cherie to the most amazing woman @Brigitte Fortin for encouraging me to go on this journey.