Powerful new capability drastically reduces manual work and Substantially increases operational efficiencies.

Montreal, Quebec, June 29, 2022 – Artiffex, the Montrealbased developers of automated solutions for accounting firms and family offices, is pleased to announce the ability to automate options trading, the first application able to do so.This powerful new capability allows users toreconcile options trading quickly and easily, significantly reducing costs by increasing efficiency by up to 80 per cent.

“Options trades often generate a significant number of monthly transactions and, as such, require many extra hours to reconcile,” said Jana Rolakova, Artiffex Investment Accounting Specialist. “This new tool is absolutely a must for day trading when options are purchased and sold multiple times within a single trading date.”

“We know that it is critical that our customers constantly improve their internal processes to better serve their clients and grow their businesses,” said Guy Vadish, founder and CEO of Artiffex. “At Artiffex, we listen to our clients’ feedback, and direct our development to meet their needs. The new options reconciliation feature is the latest innovation inspired by client input and reflects our dedication to the principles of trust, availability and security.” 

Artiffex has launched training resources, including short videos and online training sessions so that clients can begin implementing this capability immediately. 

About Artiffex

Founded in 2015 and powered by Ndex Systems, Montreal-based Artiffex develops automated solutions for accounting firms and family offices. SOC 2 Type 1 compliant, Artiffex offers subscription and outsourcing services to significantly increase operational efficiency and transform their businesses.

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