The Artiffex Team

Founded in 2015, Artiffex is a Montreal-based SaaS fintech company and a spinoff of Ndex Systems Inc. Artiffex helps accounting firms save time and improve operational efficiency by automating the capture, conversion and reconciliation of data related to investment portfolios.


Guy Vadish is the founder and CEO of Artiffex. Guy began his career during the earliest days of the commercialization of the Internet, marketing disruptive applications to Fortune 500 companies. Since then, Guy has spent over two decades successfully launching start-ups that combine the latest in technology with new business models to dramatically improve the way we work and live. Late in 2015, Guy met with Laurent Bensemana, the founder and CEO of Ndex Systems, which was in the early stages of developing a solution that could radically change the way accountants work. Recognizing the positive impact this technology would have on the financial industry, Guy launched Artiffex with Jason Ades, to bring this solution to accountants across North America.


Today the group at Artiffex is comprised of client success professionals who are experts in accounting and finance, as well as a talented team of software developers and engineers. Through its on-going relationship with Ndex, Artiffex is able to leverage 20 years of experience in financial technology know-how and an application which supports over $150 billion dollars in managed assets, is utilized by over 350 investment firms in North America and extracts information from over 7500 financial institutions globally.


Guy Vadish

Founder and CEO of Artiffex


Co-Founder of Artiffex