The only automated investment Reconciliation solution

Reconcile investment portfolios in minutes.

Transform your firm with Artiffex 

Our secure proven and patented solution is trusted by accounting firms and family offices of all sizes to reconcile and report on investments.

Accounting innovation

The only automated investment reconciliation solution, compatible with any financial institution.


Scalable & Flexible

Free up your time to focus on strategically advising clients with key insights and proactive tax planning.

Improve Client Service

Do it yourself with our secure cloud-based solution or outsource to us when you need help.

Accelerate Growth

Fast onboarding, seamless integration into your workflow and zero manual data entry.

How Artiffex Works

We believe the investment accounting process should be simple and intuitive. Artiffex has reinvented the future of investment accounting with a cloud-based platform for data ingestion, reconciliation, and reporting. We transform unstructured financial data into a comprehensive set of reports and journal entries. With our solution, firms are unlocking opportunities to cut costs and increase margins.

Ingest & CONVERT

No Data is Out of Reach

Our patented solution seamlessly ingests financial information for investment accounting purposes, regardless of the source – PDF statements, online investment portals & bank feeds.


Giving You The Control You Need

Once you’ve quickly captured the information you need, Artiffex allows you to validate, modify or adjust any data point at any time. Our effortless adjustment tools put you in control.


Streamlined to Save You Time

Once data is reviewed and validated, instantly generate a comprehensive set of accounting reports for income tax preparation and to ensure compliance with tax laws and regulations. Transform complex documents into a continuity schedule with journal entries.

Outsource your investment reconciliation to reduce costs and increase margins

The Power of Automation

We transform unstructured financial data into a comprehensive set of reports and journal entries. With our solution, firms are unlocking opportunities to cut costs and increase margins.

80% Operational Efficiencies

Eliminate Manual Data Entry

Incredibly Powerful and Easy to Use

Flexible Solutions Tailored to Your Firm 

Across North America, accounting firms and family offices of all sizes trust Artiffex’s automated platform to reconcile investment portfolios with precision and accuracy. Every engagement is backed by a thorough onboarding process to ensure your staff are quickly up and running and getting the most from our platform.

We offer subscription (SaaS) and outsourcing plans to ensure you have the accounting automation solution to meet your specific needs.

It’s time to put the power of automation at your fingertips. Contact us today to determine the best plan for you.

SaaS Service

Automate the reconciliation of investment portfolios in minutes – backed by our comprehensive onboarding and exceptional customer care.

Outsourcing Service

Artiffex’s outsourcing service provides you with an affordable solution so you can reduce costs, avoid adopting new software, and better focus on your client relationships.

Getting Started With Artiffex is Effortless 

From onboarding to training, our service and pricing plans are designed to enable accounting firms and family offices to make the complete journey to automation effortlessly.


"We sought a trusted partner to help us with the investment reconciliation process. With Artiffex, we have been able to leverage the power of automation to dramatically reduce the work in progress associated with reconciling investment financial data. Outsourcing files to Artiffex allows us to save time, control adjustments as necessary and complete the requisite tax filing and compliance reports seamlessly.”

– Margesh Parikh, CPA; Manager, International Expansion and Private Client Corporate Services

"Fast, accurate and secure - Artiffex delivered on the promised value its Outsourcing Service would have for our firm. They have been a true partner throughout the engagement, earning our trust through transparency in pricing and spending the time we needed to ensure the process and outputs are aligned with the specific needs of our firm. We look forward to our continued collaboration with the Artiffex team."

- Kathleen Dengler, CPA, CGA; Assurance Partner

“Artiffex has provided a great platform for investment bookkeeping, it was definitely worth making the change to an automated solution”

– Ricky Yau; Manager, Accounting

“Artiffex’ accounting reconciliation software has truly delivered on its promise to help us save time and increase operational efficiencies within our firm. As a result, we can better serve our clients with confidence and grow our business.”

– Jennifer Wakeham, CPA, CGA; Manager

“With Artiffex, we’re driving operational efficiency within the firm at a significant rate, and are on track to improve even more.”

– Chris Sheen, CPA; Manager, Assurance & Advisory Services

"Artiffex gives us the flexibility and control to manage the reconciliation of investment portfolios in-house. They deliver timely, comprehensive monthly reconciliations. Excellent customer service."

- Stephen Weber; CFO, Family Office, Toronto

"Previously it may have taken several weeks or even a month to process a client with multiple large portfolios, but with Artiffex it now only takes a few days at most. And for those smaller portfolios, you can do an entire year in a couple of hours."

- Jill Croft, CPA, CGA; Client Service Manager

"Artiffex’s outsourcing solution proved to be a quick and easy way for our firm to meet the demands of our busy season without increasing overhead costs."

- Martin Perko, CPA, CA, Partner, Clark & Horner

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