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Artiffex offers subscription and outsourcing plans to ensure you have the solution which meets your specific needs. View all plan options below.

Artiffex Computer


Artiffex offers a SaaS model beginning at $35 per entity, per month, with a minimum subscription required. For more information, contact us at or book a short meeting at your convenience.

*Includes unlimited assets under management, accounts, and transactions.


  • $99 per account*
  • $2 per transaction

Customized reporting available.

*Refers to a uniquely numbered brokerage account. Accounts with CAD/USD divisions are considered 2 separate accounts.


Outsourcing your files to Artiffex requires just a few simple steps.

Below are the requirements to setup and outsourcing file:

Year End Information

Outsourcing deliverables are based on year-ends, calendar or off-calendar

12 Monthly Broker PDF Statements

For the current corporate year-end. These documents must be:

  • Original
    • not paper scanned to PDF
    • not “print to PDF”
  • Unencrypted
    • to confirm, highlight the text, copy and then paste to Word:
    • If it shows anything other than data from the statement (i.e. wingdings), it is encrypted
    • If it displays what is on the document, it is unencrypted
  • Unlocked
    • no password
Opening monthly statement

An electronic PDF of the last month of the previous corporate year-end:

Note: if the account was transferred to a new broker, we require all monthly statements for the current year-end before the transfer was completed

  • Marketable securities closing file in Excel
  • Trial Balance for the previous year-end

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