What is Artiffex’s security policy

Our security methods meet the strictest protocol requirements of the Ontario Securities Commission and the Privacy Commissioner of Canada, including respecting The Personal Information Protection and Electronics Document Act of Canada. We count some of the world’s leading accounting firms as clients, and they have reviewed our data security procedures and network set up prior to our engagement. Artiffex uses OKIOK, an external security firm, to regularly perform penetration tests on our network to ensure we do not have vulnerabilities.

What if a financial institution I deal with is not currently supported?

You must provide Artiffex with 12 months of consecutive documents in original (digital, not paper converted to PDF) PDF format so we can map the new institution, which normally takes 10 working days. For a new online investment portal, the process usually takes three-to-five working days.

Can I import historical data into Artiffex from any other software platforms?

You may import data into Artiffex, which comes from PDF statements. Setting up a new client in Artiffex is a straightforward process. Its starts by loading the PDF statement representing the last month of the previous fiscal year for each broker account associated with the client and then copying and pasting the correct book values for each security in the appropriate field.


Absolutely, you have an opportunity to benefit from the efficiencies Artiffex can deliver.

Does the firm perform 10 – 15 broker write ups annually where:

  • The adjusted cost base for some or all securities do not match the broker statements
  • You do not rely on broker summarized reporting for actual tax compliance
  • Clients you deal with have one or multiple broker accounts with a mix of asset classes and a moderate amount of trading activity during the fiscal year
  • Marketable securities are held in a holding company or trust for tax efficiency
  • Your firm offers family office services
Can you export journal entries to other accounting software?

Yes. Utilizing our integrated export tool, any information found in Artiffex can be exported into a customized Microsoft Excel spreadsheet and subsequently uploaded into the accounting platform of your choice. If the firm utilizes QuickBooks Online or Xero, journal entries can be pushed directly from Artiffex via an API.

How quickly can we onboard Artiffex with my firm?

On-boarding begins before you become a client. During our initial meetings and conversations, we seek to understand your workflow around investment accounting. Once you become a client, we conduct a 90-minute application overview training session, which is closely followed by a full-day, hands-on training session at your location depending on requirements. Supplemental training sessions are available upon request and can be executed in-person or by webinar. To learn more about our on-boarding process, please request the Artiffex On-Boarding Guide.

Is Artiffex SOC 2 certified?

Artiffex expects to be SOC 2 certified for security and privacy in February 2021 and has engaged Raymond Chabot Grant Thornton as its auditors.

What kind of technical support does Artiffex offer?

Client support is available weekdays from 9am to 6pm (EST) by telephone and until 10pm (EST) via email. Our representatives are located in our Montreal office and are available to assist users with questions related to functionality, operations, and day-to-day use of the platform.

What is the nature of your partnership with Ndex Systems Inc.?

Artiffex is a spinoff of Ndex Systems Inc. Ndex is Artiffex’s technology partner and provides financial technology expertise, hosting and software development know-how to Artiffex.

What is Artiffex's current privacy policy?

Click here to download a copy of our current Privacy Policy Agreement.