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Artiffex’s outsourcing service lets you reduce costs and save time without adopting new software.

Reduce Risk

Reduce overhead costs, avoid adopting new software solutions while levelling the playing field.

Increase Efficiency and Competitiveness

Easily compete against larger firms with more sophisticated technology & services.

Reduce Labour Costs

Scale up or down during peak seasons without incurring headcount.

Unparalleled Support and Service

Committed to your success through transparent communications and best-in-class customer support team

Streamlined Onboarding Process

Built to ensure you and your team can quickly unlock the value of our platform.

Faster and Better services

Extend your firm’s service offering without invest in recruiting and training expensive resources.  

Expertise when you need it

Staffing up during the busy season or having an unpredictable pipeline of new client engagements can make it a challenge to keep in sync with deadlines. Staff turnover poses issues as team members leave your firm with intimate knowledge of third-party software and processes, and ramping up new hires takes time and resources away from critical client work. As automation continues to weave its way into the accounting world, sending files offshore is no longer the only option. Take advantage of our industry-leading investment accounting reconciliation platform and expertise when and how you need it. Use our outsourcing service to reduce costs and grow your business.

Looking to achieve operational efficiency in today’s competitive market?

Artiffex’s outsourcing service provides you with an affordable solution so you can reduce costs and avoid adopting new software.

ArTiffex Solution


For each client engagement Artiffex delivers:

  • Reconciled Continuity Schedule per broker account with journal entries
  • Fx USD tracking schedule
  • Foreign Asset Verification Report (T1135)
  • Gains and Loss Reports
  • Summary of transfers in and out

We also offer comprehensive custom exporting and reporting tailored to your requirements.


"We sought a trusted partner to help us with the investment reconciliation process. With Artiffex, we have been able to leverage the power of automation to dramatically reduce the work in progress associated with reconciling investment financial data. Outsourcing files to Artiffex allows us to save time, control adjustments as necessary and complete the requisite tax filing and compliance reports seamlessly.”

– Margesh Parikh, CPA; Manager, International Expansion and Private Client Corporate Services

"Fast, accurate and secure - Artiffex delivered on the promised value its Outsourcing Service would have for our firm. They have been a true partner throughout the engagement, earning our trust through transparency in pricing and spending the time we needed to ensure the process and outputs are aligned with the specific needs of our firm. We look forward to our continued collaboration with the Artiffex team."

- Kathleen Dengler, CPA, CGA; Assurance Partner

“Artiffex has provided a great platform for investment bookkeeping, it was definitely worth making the change to an automated solution”

– Ricky Yau; Manager, Accounting

“Artiffex’ accounting reconciliation software has truly delivered on its promise to help us save time and increase operational efficiencies within our firm. As a result, we can better serve our clients with confidence and grow our business.”

– Jennifer Wakeham, CPA, CGA; Manager

“With Artiffex, we’re driving operational efficiency within the firm at a significant rate, and are on track to improve even more.”

– Chris Sheen, CPA; Manager, Assurance & Advisory Services

"Artiffex gives us the flexibility and control to manage the reconciliation of investment portfolios in-house. They deliver timely, comprehensive monthly reconciliations. Excellent customer service."

- Stephen Weber; CFO, Family Office, Toronto

"Previously it may have taken several weeks or even a month to process a client with multiple large portfolios, but with Artiffex it now only takes a few days at most. And for those smaller portfolios, you can do an entire year in a couple of hours."

- Jill Croft, CPA, CGA; Client Service Manager

"Artiffex’s outsourcing solution proved to be a quick and easy way for our firm to meet the demands of our busy season without increasing overhead costs."

- Martin Perko, CPA, CA, Partner, Clark & Horner

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