Previously it may have taken several weeks or even a month to process a client with multiple large portfolios, but with Artiffex it now only takes a few days at most. And for those smaller portfolios, you can do an entire year in a couple of hours,” said Jill Croft CPA, CGA, Client Service Manager at S+C Partners. “Even when clients have multiple portfolio managers, the system can handle it. We haven’t come across any situation where the platform couldn’t handle a statement.”

Project info

Since opening their doors in 1987, S+C Partners has served as a full-service CPA and advisory firm, providing professional accounting, advisory, and tax services all across the Greater Toronto Area. With a staff of over 70 employees – including 7 Partners and 5 Associate Partners – S+C Partners have been strategically creating value and preemptively solving problems for their clients for many years, specializing in entrepreneurs, private corporations, and high net-worth individuals.

“The primary challenge was that manual bookkeeping for portfolios was often time-consuming – especially for portfolios that were actively managed with a high volume of transactions,” said Michael Raynor CPA, CA, Client Service Partner at S+C Partners. “Not all clients had wealth advisors that produced year-end tax schedules and related tax reporting that could be used to record the underlying account activity at year-end, and so the time needed to reconcile these portfolios could be extensive and result in high costs to the client (which the client did not always value despite the amount of work and complexity involved).”


  • Minimize time spent on bookkeeping
  • Eliminate errors due to manual data entry
  • Increase operational efficiency and reduce costs
  • Enable a higher level of service to clients regardless of portfolio size

How we got there

Artiffex worked closely with S+C Partners throughout the onboarding process to ensure that their managers were not only able to unlock the value of automating and streamlining their processes, but were also equipped to pass that knowledge along to any of their team members through Artiffex’s comprehensive user manual without much hands-on training.

“The customer support is amazing. Their support team responds almost immediately and is probably the best support I’ve ever come across,” said Jill Croft CPA, CGA, Client Service Manager at S+C Partners. “They’re incredibly responsive. And not only do they fix any issues that arise, they also show you what they did and how they did it – which gives you the ability to address the issue yourself if you run into the same situation down the road – which is something I really appreciate.”

The Measure of success


Time saved – realized a time savings of 75% on reconciliation of their larger portfolios


With the lack of manual data input required they have reduced human error and improved accuracy

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