Automated Investment Accounting integrated with QuickBooks

Artiffex automates investment accounting. What used to take hours now takes minutes. Our customers have reduced their time to reconcile by up to 80%.

Intuit Quickbooks

Reconciliation Automated

Artiffex offers the industry’s only automated solution for the reconciliation of investment portfolios.
We help accountants save time by eliminating manual data entry and reducing errors.


No Data is Out of Reach

Our patented solution seamlessly
captures, converts and transforms
financial information for investment
accounting purposes, regardless of
the source – PDF statements, online
investment portals and bank feeds.

Validate & ADJUST

Giving you the control you need

Once you’ve quickly captured the
information you need, Artiffex allows
you to validate, modify or adjust any
data point at any time. You’re in

Report & Reconcile

Streamlined to save you time

Once data is reviewed and validated
in Artiffex, you can instantly generate
a comprehensive set of reports
required for tax preparation and
compliance purposes.

The Power of Artiffex


  • SOC 2 Certification – in progress, expected Winter 2021
  • Stress tested by the world’s leading accounting firms
  • Ontario Securities Commission & PIPEDA Compliant
  • Full audit trail


  • Eliminate manual data entry
  • Automate journal entries
  • Reduce WIP


  • Compatible with any financial institution
  • Push data downstream to any portfolio accounting software

Intuit Quickbooks


Seamless Integration

Endless Possibilities

Unparalleled Support