Special Rates for Pivot Readers

$99 set up fee + $1 per transaction*

Offer expires December 31, 2023
Standard rate: $99 per account + $2 per transaction

*Conditions apply. Contact us for more information.

Transform Your Organization With Artiffex

Manual bookkeeping is thing of the past. Our patented software ingests and reconciles financial statements securely, easily integrates with other tools like QuickBooks, Xero and Power BI, and significantly reduces errors and overall time spent on investment accounting reconciliation.

Our Canadian clients include accounting firms of all sizes, including three of the top six, as well as single + multi-family offices.

“Traditionally, the reconciliation of investment portfolios is a time-consuming process that requires significant resources during peak periods throughout the year. Artiffex’s outsourcing offering solves this issue by managing the entire process, allowing us to better use our own internal resources, scale up and down accordingly, and ultimately better serve our clients.”

Kathleen Dengler, CPA, CGA

Assurance Partner, Geib & Company

Flexible Solutions

We offer a cloud-based subscription (SaaS) model supported by comprehensive training and a client success team. For organizations that don’t want to Implement new software, Artiffex offers a customizable outsourcing service on an as-needed basis with no minimum requirement or long-term contract.

Many of our outsourcing clients choose to offload 100% of their investment write ups to Artiffex, trusting our experts to process their files quickly, accurately, and securely.

Our Solution:

  • ingests, validates and reconciles periodic PDF statements
  • provides comprehensive reporting for tax compliance
  • delivers 80% operational efficiency
  • delivers a full tax package including continuity schedule, gain and loss report and journal entries
  • is supported by a dedicated client success team

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