“With Artiffex, we now have the ability to capture, convert and reconcile financial information from any data source without traditional manual data entry” – Chris Sheen

Project info

Founded in 1946, GGFL LLP is one of Ottawa’s oldest locally owned and operated accounting firms, and with a team of eight partners, three associate partners and over 90 staff, one of the city’s largest. GGFL’s clients are entrepreneurs, owners of construction and real estate companies, medical and dental professionals, non-profit organizations, private investors and high-net-worth individuals.

“For decades, GGFL has built its reputation on delivering sound business advice and financial strategies that stem from expertise in tax planning, accounting, auditing and assurance,” says Chris Sheen, CPA, Manager, Assurance & Advisory Services, GGFL. “Part of our commitment to our clients is to consistently evolve and improve upon our service, which includes adopting new technology to streamline our operations. We chose to work with Artiffex due to the platform’s unique ability to automate the reconciliation of investment portfolios for our clients – which promised to significantly reduce time spent on this traditionally manual task.”


  • Minimize time spent on bookkeeping
  • Eliminate errors due to manual data entry
  • Increase operational efficiency and reduce costs
  • Enable a higher level of service to clients regardless of portfolio size

How we got there

Artiffex worked closely with GGFL during the onboarding processes to ensure the entire firm could quickly unlock the value in automating its traditional investment reconciliation practices. This included identifying an internal champion to educate internal stakeholders, drive adoption of the Artiffex platform, and act as an ongoing internal resource. This champion also provided Artiffex with regular feedback about the platform’s useability and functionality, which Artiffex then incorporated to ensure it was meeting GGFL’s needs.

“Artiffex has created a very powerful platform that requires our team to reimagine how they have traditionally worked,” adds Sheen. “From the day we started our onboarding training, Artiffex established our trust in both their team and the platform. Since then, they have continued to demonstrate their commitment to our success through their open and transparent communications with us and best-in-class customer support team.”

The Measure of success

“With Artiffex, we now have the ability to capture, convert and reconcile financial information from any data source without traditional manual data entry,” adds Sheen. “As a result, we’re driving operational efficiency within the firm at a significant rate, and are on track to improve even more.”

Time saved – for its largest three clients, GGFL has reduced bookkeeping time by 45%


File quality has improved as a result of the reduction in manual entry

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