Today, we are able to allocate employees previously focused on tasks related to the reconciliation of Investment portfolios to other, more client-facing and strategic activities that ultimately benefit our firm without the need of hiring externally.”

Project info

Clark & Horner is a boutique accounting firm located in the heart of downtown Toronto. Over the last 25 years they have taken care of taxes, accounting, and more for high-net worth individuals, their estates, and their businesses. Their clients include entrepreneurs, professional athletes, and executives across North America.

“We consistently strive to ensure our clients receive the best strategic counsel and services available on the market today. To do so, we are constantly evaluating our operations to find efficiencies, including our use of technology,” said Martin Perko, Partner, Clark & Horner. “Prior to adopting Artiffex, we had been using another investment tracking software that required significant staff resources and time to input data, which then had to be reviewed by managers for accuracy. Artiffex’s automated solution addressed these issues, yet during our busy season we were faced with staffing and resourcing challenges to meet increased demand.”


  • Address internal staffing shortages during peak busy season
  • Adopt a solution that can easily scale as needed
  • Increase competitiveness against other firms by utilizing a powerful cost-effective solution for the reconciliation of investment portfolios

How we got there

Clark & Horner are a long-standing, valued client of Artiffex that were originally customers of our SaaS offering. However, due to the issue of internal staffing shortages during the busy season, the firm required a solution that could quickly and easily meet client demands, while minimizing investment in new technology, staff or processes that may sit idle outside of these peak times. Clark & Horner chose Artiffex’s Outsourcing offering to tackle these needs.

“Artiffex’s outsourcing solution proved to be a quick and easy way for our firm to meet he demands of our busy season without increasing overhead costs related to adopting new software solutions or hiring staff,” said Perko. “As important, the team at Artiffex has always been attentive, transparent, and ready to assist us to help us meet our business objectives. They made the transition from their SaaS to Outsourcing platform seamless, allowing us to quickly take advantage of their cutting-edge technology. We would most definitely recommend Artiffex’s outsourcing services to any firm looking to increase operational efficiencies.”

The Measure of success


Time saved at both the staff and manager level allowing Clark and Horner to allocateresources to priority projects


Eliminating the need for staff to manually input every transaction, reducing errors and review time

Processed over 33K transactions for 221 accounts and 82 entities within eight months

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